Executive Coaching

Executive coaching offers a plan tailored to individual growth and skill development.  I focus on supporting clients in achieving their goals, and in the process, finding greater clarity, creativity, confidence, choice, and success.  Drawing from emotion science, leadership development and team building skills, I partner with clients to build emotional resilience, effective communication, and increased engagement.





I enjoy working with people on the edge; on the edge of a new identity, greater influence, a job or relationship change, a decision of not to hold back anymore.  I coach clients through the transition from who-they-are to who-they-want-to-be.  I explore perspectives; leverages strengths; teach skills and champion, confront, and collaborate with clients to clarify major life goals and address everyday challenges. With a playful and creative approach, I partner with clients to address the challenges and maximize the opportunities inherent in any transition.

coaching philosophy

The sense of team is powerful, and in making the commitment to coaching you are joining a team where your unique needs and values are central.  We all have our own profile of strengths and challenges, and coaching both mirrors those strengths and reflects light on the challenges, helping people re-experience themselves as creative, resourceful and whole. Given how busy, hectic and precious our lives are, we all need spaces where we can come home to ourselves and refocus on what is most important to our lives. Coaching can offer this home, and a clear direction and energy for change.   

I work with people over the phone, offer support through email, and provide biweekly assignments to support change.  

The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.
— Elizabeth Gilbert