About ME

For 17 years I have helped resource individuals and team cultures in order to increase health and performance.  I have worked with universities, nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 corporations; brought skills and insight to developing leaders through trainings, workshops and programs for healing in the mental health field, and created trainings for high performance athletics. My approach is informed by my training and experience as Masters psychologist, my training and experience as a professional coach, and  my experiences as a World Champion athlete.

In addition to coaching, I serve on leadership development teams working in a variety of functions that include facilitation, training, group coaching, content development and instructional design.  I am able to shape the big picture as well as the vital details that go into any project.  I enjoy working within small leadership and organizational development teams that view leadership as a commitment to excellence and growth.  I hold a BA from Brown University and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University and pending certification as a professional Co-active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute.  As a clinician, I implemented eating disorder treatment programs within Boston area clinics. I was the founder of Teaming with Power Consulting, which provided trainings and individual coaching on the topic of wellness and high performance to National team athletes, and area collegiate teams.  I also served for four years as the Director of the Women’s Sports Foundation’s GoGirlGo! Boston, an organization focused on improving the physical and emotional health of girls through physical activity and sports.