About ME

For 17 years I have helped resource individuals and team cultures in order to increase health and performance.  I have worked with universities, nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 corporations; brought skills and insight to developing leaders through trainings, workshops and programs for healing in the mental health field, and created trainings for high performance athletics. My approach is informed by my training and experience as Masters psychologist, my training and experience as a professional coach, and  my experiences as a World Champion athlete.

I hold a BA from Brown University, a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University and am a certified professional Co-Active Coach  (The Coaches Training Institute).   I bring to my executive coaching a focus on clarification of goals, skill development, mindfulness, sustainable high performance, and transformation.  I serve on leadership development teams working in a variety of functions that include facilitation, training, group and individual coaching, content development and instructional design.  I am able to shape the big picture as well as the vital details that go into any project. 

Coaching PhilosophyThe sense of team is powerful, and in making the commitment to coaching you are joining a team where your unique needs and values are central.  We all have our own profile of strengths and challenges, and coaching both mirrors those strengths and reflects light on the challenges, helping people re-experience themselves as creative, resourceful and whole. Given how busy, hectic and precious our lives are, we all need spaces where we can come home to ourselves and refocus on what is most important to our lives. Coaching can offer this home, and a clear direction and energy for change.